Monday, 4 July 2011

New Project Mayhem Homework Assignment #1

Hi. I believe that narcassism and self pride are destroying our society and i believe that facebook and twitter are the main causes. They encourage us to take so much pride in what we do, and force others who are not in to join in order to feel accepted. So how do we mess this up, we make it seem up apealing to the people using it, to destroy it from the inside out.
Your project mayhem homework assignment is: Get on to others peoples facebook account, and mess things up for them. How? Many people give out their passwords, go to a public place(like a libary or computer store) because alot of people dont log off. slowly start to cause alittle mayhem. Delete some other thier self indulgent posts change their profile picture, write on someones wall(nothing offensive, just maybe get them involved with other people that they dont usualy do), untag them from a few embarassing pictures, and finaly, friend them so that u can see how they are doing. That is all for this homework assignment, hope you like it :). Have a nice day.

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